Welcome to the website of Hull and East Riding Interfaith (HERI).

HERI and the pandemic.  During the pandemic we have suspended face to face meetings and so far detected little appetite from our membership for virtual meetings.  However, we continue to circulate to those on our mailing list information which is passed to us for dissemination to the various faith communities.  We can also be contacted using the email of the secretary (mapliener@pliener.karoo.co.uk).  The national Interfaith Network continues to be active  – visit their website at https://www.interfaith.org.uk/ . Towards the start of the pandemic we added a page giving details of organisations which should be able to help those in need of help during the current corona virus – click here to access it.  There is also on that page an email address to contact if you wish to register with Hull City Council the ability of a group to assist during the pandemic.

During normal times you will find on this site details of future and past meetings of HERI, details of future local events which we have been asked to publicise and further details about HERI  and other organisations relevant to HERI.   At present there is little we can say about future meetings,  other than that we will resume our forums when we are able.  Details of past events can still be found here as well as various other pieces of information The site also gives contact details and we’ll be pleased to hear from you!

We hope that we can all develop this site to be a useful resource to anyone interested in Interfaith activity.